An Introduction: Mockingbird Station

An Introduction: Mockingbird Station

Mockingbird Station is a branding and digital consulting collective that just sort of happened. Click here to learn about our services


Mockingbird Station is the name of my favorite shopping plaza in Dallas, Texas (also where Reyku Sushi is, my favorite). I offer my clients knowledge and tools so they can share their *magic* online. 

Name made sense to me because: 

  • Station: MS is not a permanent fixture in our client's lives. Similar to a train station, we're a transitory stop. 
  • Mockingbird: MS doesn't change its clients into something else, it merely echoes who they are offline, to the online realm.

My clients come to me because they need help showcasing their services, brand, or selves on the web and don't know where to start. 


I strongly believe in teaching the man how to fish, that is why I offer classes and training to each of our clients, so they no longer depend on us once our time together is done. 

I hope you enjoy my blog of projects and moments in time of my life in South America, Miami, Europe and beyond... and thank you for reading if you've gotten this far! 


Still want to know more? Ok... Three months ago, if you had told me I was about to quit my job, travel to four different countries, and open my own business in Venezuela, I wouldn't have believed you. But that's life. 


It was one particular Sunday night in September of 2015 when the dread of my 9 to 5 began to creep.

Although my job was in the travel industry in Florida, and my boss and team the most amazing people, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was not supposed to be there anymore. 

I had been working in aviation and hotels for five years, and loved my career but had several regrets and important events under my belt that I had missed due to work - such as my first cousin's wedding. A nephew's birth. Projects that I had wanted to take on the side by some of my mentors that involved even COOLER travel, but I could not. 

One of my dearest friends was getting married in Spain that October, and you guessed it - I was going to miss it. 

That was the catalyst, but I had been planning my exit for years in my head, as many people do. 


I gave my two weeks notice, and questions began to pour in. 

Where are you going? Spain. Then Venezuela. Then not sure. 

You're going to work in Spain? Nope! I'm going to open my business in Venezuela. 

You're leaving without a job? And to Venezuela? Kind of, yeah. 

You couldn't handle the work at your current job? Guess not! 

Aren't you scared you won't get back into the workforce? Honestly, not at all. I'm scared I won't ever be able to get out.  


  • I jumped on an Iberia flight, made it to my friend's wedding.
  • I unexpectedly flew to Belgium on Brussels Airlines and hung out there with a friend. 
  • After two weeks in Europe, I made my way back to Venezuela (my home country) - an experience all within itself since I hadn't been home in five years.
  • I then flew to Colombia on Avianca for my goddaughter/almost-sister's wedding that I was probably going to also miss. 
  • Finally closing 2015 in Miami, where I ended the year on a high-note! 
  • Then back to Caracas, my hometown. And a few other places in between. 

At the beginning of my journey, I remember feeling strange because I felt FREE! 

It's been three months since I made the big decision. I had promised myself I would take at least six months off but several amazing clients have fallen on my lap and they've convinced me to take on several projects. Soon enough, I blinked and had created a team of designers, translators, SEO wizards, video producers and developers that have helped me get all the work done.

I'm extremely grateful. 

It's not easy, but it's worth it.  I honestly don't dread what I'm working on - ever. WEIRD.

If you got this far, it means you're either really f*** bored or may also have a dream that you haven't pursued. If it's the latter, my advice is that you GO FOR IT! :)

- Belen Estacio, founder of Mockingbird Station

Designing for my Favorite Restaurant: Cantina La Veinte

Designing for my Favorite Restaurant: Cantina La Veinte