Bizarre Video Round-up: Peru

I love Peru and have been there a few times. This got me thinking about how many beautifully bizzaro videos have surfaced from this country. 

What would the world do without weirdos? What would weirdos do without YouTube? We'd like to clarify we're not hating on these stars, but rather admiring their eccentricities. 

1. Wendy Sulca: La Tetica (ENG: The Teet)

This famous Peruvian child star sings about breastfeeding and has a very sassy sidekick to help her. She says every time she see her mom, she just wants more milk. But don't think only little kids love breastfeeding , apparently the older men also like to partake in similar activities, the song points out. 

Wendy's other famous hit is "Cerveza, Cerveza" during which 9-year-old Wendy serenades beer and her need for it. 

The video below is from 2008, so where is she now? Apparently, jamming to a Peruvian version of Miley's Wrecking Ball. Her songs have exceeded 20 million views, so she's singing her tunes all the way to the bank. Go Wendy.

2. La Tigresa del Oriente - Un Nuevo Amanecer (ENG: A New Brighter Day)

A song about positivism, leopard bikinis and canoes - and love, lots of love in the Amazon. She also has over 15 million views and has become an Internet sensation. A jack of all trades, la tigresa is a choreographer and make-up artist. We can totally see that in her music vid! 

3. Las Soñadoras - Un Par de Cervezas (ENG: The Dreamers - A couple of beers)

These two heartbroken ladies want to drink a couple o'beers to forget their pain. 

4. Billboard Produces Potable Water Out of Thin Air in Peru

This should have probably been number one on the list. While not a funny eccentric video, this is AWESOME! The country is beautiful, its people are warm and kind. If you haven't been to Peru, you should - it's only six hours from Miami and Lima is the gastronomic capital of Latin America. 

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