Poppy: A new wave of Instagram accounts is coming

Poppy: A new wave of Instagram accounts is coming

As if the lines weren't blurry enough - what is real, what isn't on social media. My life changed about five days ago when my cousin texted from London: "I'm sure you've seen this but... just in case." 

I hadn't. It was the @thatpoppy account. Where the F have I been?! This bizarre content is right up my alley. So weird, so sarcastic. So pretty!!!!!!!! SOOOOO WEIRD. 

It's a singer's Insta/YouTube account with pastel, FLAWLESS aesthetic. Poppy takes on this SUPER weird persona - actually her along with three or four amigos who work with Poppy and take on similarly bizarre personas on their accounts.  One of them is Titanic Sinclair, a producer who also goes by a pseudonym. The network of oddballs all seem to be making some sort of social commentary about how we're all addicted to Social Media and society is doomed. 

Poppy's activities include ironing sandwiches while she creepily repeats "Hi, I'm Poppy. I like magic." She eats cotton candy and repeats "I love my fans" looking both cute and creepy AF.  Her posts on Instagram and YouTube feature eerie music paired with extra jolly statements about how it makes her really happy when she gets new subscribers on YouTube, or super obvious benefits of random products: "Mr. Clean!" 

It's breath of fresh air to me. To see something which makes a statement but it also is super appropriate for the social network - Insta. Something which ignites opportunity and magic. 

Poppy, although a seemingly sarcastic and satirical Insta account, puts a whole lot into the production of her content.  Poppy's music is not bad - the song I've heard is a mellow little reggae song. She won't disclose her legal name or age; she wants to focus on the art. How novel. 

Here's her song. 

LOVE. I wonder if this is now going to be the trend. I get that Insta stars have to be on brand, but this takes it to another level. Is the new trend now super acted out Instagram accounts featuring small capsules into the world of these bizarre characters? Is it an art project? Is there a brand behind this? Do the brands she talks about pay her? 

I just love this Insta alter ego... I've always wanted to be a Celia Cruz/Carmen Miranda meets a Black Mirror Nosedive character, maybe Poppy is the only validation I needed to execute my crazy alter ego persona project. In this account, I would wear a different fruit basket on my head. Stay tuned for me launching this passion project. 

Here's an interview That Poppy gave: http://www.racked.com/2016/4/11/11394848/that-poppy-interview

And here's a song by Mars Argo, one of the other characters in this crew, I loooove this song:

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