HELP: How should I remain sane today?

HELP: How should I remain sane today?

The phrase "the unexamined life is not worth living"  has always buzzed around my thoughts. Quotes by Oprah, Tony Robbins, Pinterest boards and IKEA posters are also of my liking: "Dance like no one is watching."  

But that one about an unexamined life, for some reason, has always stuck with me. They're the words supposedly spoken by Socrates at his trial the moment he chose to die rather than live in exile - he wanted no part in a life that did not fulfill his reason for being.

I'm a nice person but I certainly do not have a life mission besides collect a paycheck. I'd like to somehow amount millions and then give some of my fortune back to orphans. Maybe meet a nice guy and have kids, maybe not. I waste hours on Instagram every day and somehow hope that results in my objectives. 

Perhaps just like Socrates was enlightened when facing death, I'm also questioning my life because I'm staring at the apocalypse.  

How will you deal with injustice when you see it?

All of us must prepare and learn how to deal with hate/rage. For instance, do you know how will you deal with injustice when you see it? What is your style? It's silly not to think about it. 

We go on diets before bikini season without thinking twice about it, but it's not second nature to us to prepare for a doozy like this. 

Having no plan is not a plan. To be reactive when the bleep hits the fan is the worst way to handle the situation. 

What should we do when we feel outraged? 


My fear is...

When someone in my family, like a nephew or niece comes home from school and they mention a story about another kid in their class who said something discriminatory.

It happened to me a few times when I was a little girl, I can count the instances on one hand - thank G-d. This was growing up in the United States during "the good times." I lived in a great town in Massachusetts of open minded, intelligent and lovely people. I had a beautiful childhood. I also have light skin and eyes, which even though it is terribly unfair it does mean that I am not the usual target. Still, it happened to me. I was called names because I am not from here. I was told my parents were probably x, y and z. It wasn't even that bad. I stood up for myself and dealt with it like a strong, super little lady. But I can tell you it is the worst feeling in the world. It's not the same feeling of being bullied because one is short, or goofy. Being bullied because you are from somewhere that your family is from; that is a COMPLETELY different ball game.

I felt unsafe, I felt sad. I felt embarrassed. I felt ashamed.

I'm so scared my parents or the children in my family will face that without my protection.


If you don't feel outrage already, you'll feel it soon. Hate is brewing and in situations like this we humans often forget what we're mad about in the first place, and it snowballs into senseless violence. 

What should we do? 

If we stand by and let it happen, we're only just as guilty. But, if we get involved in the wrong way and then it might just add more fuel to the fire. 

I certainly don't have the answers but I have a hunch that maybe through example and demanding excellence of yourself we can get somewhere. Setting higher standards for your life for every single moment of every day. 

  • From the moment you wake up and make your bed  - set the intention to make the best bed of your life.
  • When you drive to work, make that the best drive ever. Sing Wilson Phillips a todo pulmon, who cares?
  • Live every day with intention. Set goals. Don't just live to live and get a paycheck. What are you here for? What do you WANT? What makes you passionate? 

This grotesque situation that we are in has really awakened me. I had a sense of who I was but this has really forced me to go deep.  I invite you to ask yourself the following questions that I am asking myself and take this sad opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Perhaps you have asked yourself these questions before, and maybe you have not. I am not shy to say that I have but I had never written them down until this year - after the elections. It triggered me to really sit down and ask the body I live in, what are you alive and healthy for?:

  • What does my life stand for?
  • What is my moral compass?
  • If I were to croak today, what will I be remembered for?
  • Am I the best version of myself? 
  • What areas do I need to improve?
  • What can I do to make those around me happier? 
  • What makes me EXTREMELY happy?
  • What do I want?
  • What is awesome about me?

My hunch tells me: 

  • Self-love and self-awareness is the bullet proof armor that I need.
  • I will demand excellence in everything that I do that is important to me.
  • I will take a Xanax whenever I feel like I can't deal. JK - I'll meditate; not medicate.  
  • I will not get into political Facebook fights with old classmates and block them.
  • I will find a way to make a difference that is aligned with my skills and persona. 

Just something to think about. Let's wake up.

I want to hear from you.

No matter who you are - I truly would love to hear your opinion: Friends, stranger who ended up here, current girlfriend of my cousin's ex boyfriend who stalked their way into my blog, Instagram follower. 

What do we do? 

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