I Went to Bed with Wet Hair After Using Devacurl

I Went to Bed with Wet Hair After Using Devacurl

I am typically apprehensive about trying curly hair products; the majority of the ones that I've used in the past have been created for African American hair or hair that is WAY curlier than mine, so they tend to over-hydrate my mane. 

But this past week I tried Devacurl products, went to bed with wet hair and woke up to a beautiful surprise. 

I have thick, in-between wavy to curly hair.  See video below where you can see my video pre-Devacurl. Not bad, but dry.

How did I hear about them? I crowd-sourced via my Instagram stories: WHAT HAIR PRODUCTS FOR CURLY HAIR DO YOU RECOMMEND?  I mean, surely, I knew there was something out there. 

The response was overwhelming - ten people blindly recommended Devacurl products.  Which products, I asked? The shampoo? The diffuser? The response was ALL THEIR STUFF IS AMAZING.

 I shuffled over to Sephora during my lunch break and was immediately overwhelmed with the plethora of Devacurl options. 

I spotted a "starter pack," which is basically a travel-sized kit of their most popular products: shampoo, or as they call it "no-poo," conditioner and two styling serums.



Prior to my Devacurl discovery, my curly-look hair routine was as follows: shampoo and condition with Morrocan Oil products. Detangle with WetBrush. Then a drop of Morrocan Oil. Air dry. 

Air dry was key. If I went to bed with my hair wet, I'd wake up looking like Bozo. 


I followed the instructions and shampooed my hair ferociously with their no-poo mixture. I expected my hair not to feel as clean as with regular shampoo - but that was not the case. I felt minty fresh after. 

I followed with the conditioner. Stepped out of the shower.

Towel dried hair gently (apparently, with the wrong type of towel. Devacurl has a special hair towel for this step).

I followed with the two serums. 

I scrunched. 

I scrunched.

I went to bed. 

And I woke up like this. Imagine what the results would have been if I didn't go right to bed. 

More to come.

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