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BelenEstacio.com is a webzine produced by me, Belén Estacio, a multi-media creative director and social media strategist based in Miami. Part humor blog, part DIY diary, part fantasy travel portal, it’s your ultimate online rabbit hole for dilly-dally-ing.

Tune in for...

  • Rarely-useful but always awesome Internet videos pertaining to the Latin culture

  • Insanely delicious and authentic recipes

  • My most recent and fave projects

About Belén  

I love... tropical prints and Caribbean jazz bands, off-the-shoulder anythings, mini-dresses, and whiskey on the rocks.

I am happiest when I’m behind directing a shoot or helping someone fix their resume. Or dancing at a Latin wedding. 

My favorite daydream is... to have a closet full neon clothes and platforms. 

Modern art is... Boomerangs. 

My favorite artist is Celia Cruz. And my brother. 

My greatest travel moment was when I went horseback riding in Patagonia. 

My greatest regret is not starting this creative outlet sooner. 

My top beauty essential my curling iron. 

The key to life is to remember we’re all ghosts wearing a meat suit made of stardust. What do you have to be scared of? 

If I had to describe what makes me special, I would say that I bring color to the world.  I love to inspire those around me to give their best every day, and to live the life they dreamed of. Sometimes I feel that it happens when I help clients or friends improve their social media or produce videos that help them reach their goals. I love the feeling of getting things done, standing up what is right, being honest and kicking ass. 

Music, food and humor will get you through it all. 

About Work Belén (in third person but written by Belén)

With an extensive background in the US Hispanic market and profound knowledge of digital strategy, Belén uses her style, Latin American flair and wit to tell stories using product, video and the written word. 

Belén loves to travel, particularly around Latin America - she used to head LATAM Airlines' Social Media in the U.S. She worked for The Story Room, a fabulous digital agency, for a short-time where she led all creative efforts for Food Network Latin America. Belén then joined the Miami-based start-up Oasis as a Marketing Manager and she now works for Wild Fork Foods with the same title, changing consumer’s opinion about frozen foods one steak at a time.

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The greatest thing I have ever created, a trippy video about a plant.