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Connect with your audience through authentic food content! 

If you are in the gastronomy business and need Hispanic food content, we make it easy. Email me or call me (305) 213-0070 for a quote

What sets us apart? 

  • Knoweldge of the  U.S. Hispanic market and gastronomy.
  • High quality content that is on-brand.
  • Chef is always on set, with videographer, producer and stylist
  • Beautiful content that is real - we use minimal, if any, food make-up tricks - our look and feel is not editorial, it's social because that is what performs best. However, we are here to work based off of your guidelines, as long as it is authentically cooked on camera. No fake products allowed! (That means no shoe-shine on meat, etc.)
  • Competitive pricing and timelines. 

Client: Tabasco +

Client: Hass Avocado + Hispanic Kitchen

Client: Hispanic Kitchen + IMUSA

What audience is the content right for?

The content we create resonates best for the coveted:

  • U.S. Hispanic audience
  • Millenials (high interest in Latin gastronomy - TACOS!)
  • Anglo (non-U.S. Hispanic) foodie in the U.S.


Who are our clients?

We help agencies, bloggers, publications and consumer brands craft content for their social  channels to help them reach their goals. We focus on production, which means content but we do have several preferred partners who have some of the largest audiences in the country. We can create a custom-made package with you!  

Does our team produce non-Hispanic food?  

We are happy to chat about it! In this case, we would need to make sure that we can deliver the best quality content for you. We have several chefs in our network focusing on Japenese, Italian and other kitchens. 



Client: Hispanic Kitchen + Princess House

Client: Yes, You Can!

Client: Herdez

Client: Hispanic Kitchen

Client: Hass Avocado + Hispanic Kitchen

Client: Hispanic Kitchen + Hass Avocado

Client: Yes, You Can!






Client:, in collaboration with @iamleechin