Social Media: TBT to my time working for LAN and TAM Airlines

I worked for LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines, now known as LATAM Airlines, in an exciting era. 

The two carriers had just gone through a merger, and I was crazy enough to join the company in such a transitional time, but boy, am I sure glad I did! Those three years were one crazy and wild ride. 

Working for an airline is super demanding, but the perks are almost impossible to give up. They're addicting. 

Employees get almost-free flights, known as interline agreements, so I would literally say: "Hey, I feel like going to Madrid this weekend!" and I would go. I would only have to take care of a minimal fee and the taxes. Although employees fly standby, you get used to the tricks and it soon becomes second nature. 

My job was to oversee the social media for LAN and TAM in the North American market. That meant content, customer service, paid social media, public relations support - you name it. I think I had THE best job. 

Here are some of my favorite moments while working for LATAM: 

  1.  Only in South America campaign: This has been my favorite project of all time. It's objective was to incentivise leisure travel to South America through an online and offline communication platform. Check it out here:
  2. Only in South America Blogger FAMs: Technically not another project as number one, it was an entire separate operation within itself. Basically, my team and I selected five different influencers/bloggers whose following had high-purchasing power and an interest in getting to know other cultures, and took them on the most epic trips you can image. Check out the hashtag #OnlyInSouthAmerica and see for yourself. I was lucky enough to work with AnnStreetStudio, WhatsGabyCooking, MattArmendariz, AdamPearson, and Cynthia Drescher (the coolest #AVGeek I've ever known!).
  3. Bocanova Restaurant Surprise. We surprised an entire restaurant in Oakland with round-trip air to South America. The BEST. 
  4. Wine Bar Wars. There were two I was involved in - one in NYC and another in Miami. I loved both! Basically, the top sommeliers of these cities raced to create the best Wine Bar inspired by Chile. Sponsored by LATAM Airlines Group. Here's a video :).
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