The Beverly Wilshire Offers The "Pretty Woman for a Day" Package

The Beverly Wilshire Offers The "Pretty Woman for a Day" Package

I often use the phrase "I got pretty womaned" when I'm wearing scrubs and decide to make an impromptu pit-stop in a high-end establishment, say Neiman's, and the salespeople won't pay attention to me. 

So naturally, now that I'm staying at the Beverly Wilshire, my magical imagination has been reenacting all scenes from Pretty Woman in my mind... Sometimes speaking out loud, gesturing with my hands. Whoops. 

But NEVER in a million years did I ever think the hotel, aka the Four Seasons, actually offered a Pretty Woman experience.  Well, believe my friends, because here you have Pretty Woman for a Day.  

Don't get too excited, it doesn't mean you'll turn tricks in L.A. Shucks. Here's what the official hotel website says: 

During this glamorous weekend getaway for two, steal the scene when you stay in the “Pretty Woman” Suite (aka the luxurious Presidential Suite). The experience starts with a personal shopping consultation on Rodeo Drive. Dressed to impress, take a Rolls-Royce to a nearby park for a romantic “shoeless” picnic, where you’ll sample cuisine inspired by the picnic scene from the movie. You’ll embark on the ultimate date night when the two of you are privately styled in your suite, before spending the evening at the new Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts or the LA Opera. Throughout your stay, we’ll inspire you with stills from the movie, allowing you and your sweetheart to mimic classic scenes for exclusive photography opportunities. The fairy-tale ending? We’ll leave that up to you.

Please note "shoeless" is in air-quotes. 

When I return to L.A., the city of lights, I hope it is with a lover who will be goofy enough to do this Pretty Woman Package with me, but ONLY if the hotel can accommodate the following more authentic requests that I will have: 

  • Reenact the scene where Julia Roberts gets picked up on Hollywood Boulevard (I'd like to wear an exact dress replica) 
  • Reenact the scene with ladies from a store where she infamously gets pretty womaned at least twice
  • Reenact when Julia Roberts goes back to the aforementioned store all decked out in new clothes and says "BIG MISTAKE. HUGE." 
  • Reenact the final limo "prince charming" scene a la Richard Gere 
  • Help me officially request that they do the same type of offering at the Miami Four Seasons... why not Scarface, or The Bird Cage? Why stop here at Pretty Woman? How about Ace Ventura? Something About Mary? Dexter?  

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