Going through a break-up? Here's help

After a breakup looking good is the best revenge. Not just so your ex can cry tears of blood ala  Bill Compton but for your own emotional health. Nothing says, I’m over you than strutting down the street looking to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch Dis.”

So strap on your spanx ladies, go on a juice cleanse (fermented grape juice for me), and mosey on over to these fine establishments.

These are all merely suggestions, that we both may have at some point tried. In all honesty, feeling good comes from within and we are sure all you kittays are gorgeous exactly as you are. But this is Miami, who doesn't love a little TLC on the bod? 

Disclaimers: Any procedure has risks, be smart and do your research first; We are not paid to promote ANY of these places, (but hayy... we're available - contact us). 


From laser to botox to Juvederm inyections, this small yet clean and professional practice has it all. Most of all it has an ever gentle, perfectionist and sweet Dr. Calderon at the helm.

Located in the Latitude One building in Brickell (175 SW 7th St #1405, Miami, FL 33130).

Valet in the main Latitude building, they validate parking (huzah!).


“Ever wanted to get rid of that unwanted hair?” Says the ever so annoying voice on the radio…. Kittays wanted to, and did.

There are about a million laser removal places in Miami, let's be honest. It’s the land of the bikini and douchery. We chose this one because they have many locations throughout Miami, which makes it easy to swing by during a lunch break and they’re even open Saturdays. Da Kittays gotta work.

They also have a lifetime guarantee!! Say goodbye to Helga the sadist hot waxer and hellooo to smooth skin. 

Located all throughout S. Florida- so get your Google on.



If you are a boxy kittay then no diet or crunches will ever be enough to give you Sofia Vergara curves. Fajas are here to help.

Waaay before Kim K and her clan were talking about waist-training, Latin mothers were squeezing their plump, pre-pubescent daughters into intricate FAJAS. 

No, it's not a fajita. Yes, it works - your waist will get smaller. No, it's not easy. But beauty is pain. 

In Miami, go to the one and only FAJAS COLOMBIANAS in Calle Ocho,6224 SW 8th St, West Miami, FL 33144  or (get ready for this) visit their online store http://www.fajascorse.com/.  

Get the latex one for $50 buckaroos - they run for $250 in the Kim K. approved sites.

Research prior to ordering. There are many kind of fajas: the reducer, the waist-creator, the butt-lifter, the full-body suit, the post-surgery (S.O. to all those new moms), and apparently a Brazilian bra that we just discovered. There's even a FACE faja to make your neck longer - a little Nefertiti lift for the neck! 

If you are confused about the previously recommended site, Fajas Colombianas  is a more comprehensive E-commerce store in both English and Spanish. 


There are fake eyelashes and there is Hanic Arias. Former model, current badass, Hanic Arias will have you looking like the coquette you really are. In our case, she was buried deep within our 80 hour weeks.

Hanic and her crew painstakingly (this is not a place to go feeling rushed) pore over each eyelash and each extension for perfection. I may sometimes leave 2 hours later with a minor migraine, but damn I LOOK GOOD.

Parking is limited, but her sweet brother is quick to help out a damsel in distress and cure your ailments with the best coffee ever.

One caveat: it's addicting. You will find yourself there almost every week and your bank account will not thank you for it.

Hanic Arias, 7388 SW 56th Ave
Miami, FL 33143 | Call 786.285.7536 or make an appointment online







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